Guys in Bowties!

We sometimes enter love like bodies of water, either holding our breath or letting it fill our lungs and drown.


"Portrait of my brother" By worldofnathaniel

You may be fabulous, but you’ll never be corgi-in-a-British-bow-tie fabulous. foreverfermata

Does anyone else find it strange that in most to all futuristic movies the majority of the main characters are white? With globalization and the increase in intermarriage it is highly improbable that will be the case.

Music is so amazing because while listening you can dance, sing, exercise, do laundry, wash dishes, have sex, battle, dismantle the patriarchy, worship Satan. How cool is that?


jhilla: Vintage Lapel treatments. Valentino, Walker, Huxley, Cooper

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♔The Old High British Aristocracy♔